The Arabidopsis Protein Phosphorylation Site Database
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Facts & Figures

Experiment data

Number of phosphoproteins: 9.159
Number of different phosphopeptide versions 31.512
Number of unique tryptic phosphopeptides 19.100
Serine phosphosites: 40.697
Threonine phosphosites: 12.546
Tyrosine phosphosites: 3.614

Prediction data

Total number of predicted phosphosites: 2.176.360
Total number of positive predicted phosphosites: 623.069
Total number of negative predicted phosphosites: 1.525.474
Total number of predicted proteins: 31.916
Total number of predicted Serine sites: 1.142.488
Total number of predicted Threonine sites: 664.750
Total number of predicted Tyrosine sites: 369.122